At teamBiz, we help companies to attract new clients and to manage their growth by combining marketing potential with a clear strategic vision. Thanks to TeamGroup, we are able to widen the horizon of companies who wish to expand globally, whether in Europe or in the United States

Digital is Real

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One goal: allow your business grows. Thanks to our know-how we take care of your online presence and the development of your business

Digital outsourcing

The idea is simple: we become your digital function, supporting your business in reaching its goals. How?

eCommerce e web development

We create and develop eCommerce platforms and websites; managing all of the aspects of an online store, from shipping to payments, and offer a high level of customer service

Digital strategy

Being present, being discovered, being involved and transforming. The right tools exist for each of these objectives, and we offer you the right combination for them all

Web analytics

"Without data you're just another person with an opinion" (E. Deming). To analise the reality of which we are a part and to make the decision based on objective data

Business Acceleration

Grow, grow, grow. This the objective every company aims for and we offer the right support to align your organization to your business objectives


Business planning

Whether you want to expand internationally or launch a new project, we will help you find the right strategies; supporting you in their planning and execution. Nothing will be left to chance

Business model generation

Do you have an idea for a new entrepreneurial project? Let us help you define the right business model and support you in the execution phase

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TeamBiz is always looking for talent to add to the team. We offer you the opportunity to join an international environment operating in Italy, UK, Switzerland and in the United States