About Us

Our Company

Past, present and future
  • 2012TeamBiz

    TeamBiz was born in 2012 from the experience of Team Project Management, an English company with more than 20years of experience in the IT & Business consulting with a strong focus on new trends and new productivity solutions.
  • 2014UK and USA

    TeamBiz goes international starting from England and the United States of America where it is a crucial partner and outsourcer of an important company in the industrial world. In these last years we managed and took care of the commercialisation process of more than 13k products through our e-commerce platform.
  • 2016TeamGroup

    TeamBiz became part of TeamGroup, brand working in the and Business Project Management as a guarantee of territorial quality at the customer's service. Today TeamGroup thanks to more than 100 collaborators is active in different countries.

A company born thanks to business consulting experiences, grew up in a digital world






Being part of a group is like being part of a family. We’d love to share our international skills

Our offices

Our offices are in downtown Milan, very easy to reach with public transportation and underground

Our team

A dynamic team assuring the right mix of experience and innovation, always ready to grow alongside the company


Every business opportunity becomes a professional and human growth opportunity. Our know-how, thanks to you.

Experience, the base of our knowledge

Thanks to our experiences we know what SME need to be able to sustainable grow, and that’s the reason why we are constantly developing new skills in order to stay competitive in resolving productivity issues in all kind of industry. This acknowledgement comes from having worked with different clients, in term of type of business, dimension, needs and industry.

Our Mission

Usually companies tend to concentrate all the attentions and resources on their core activities, either in term of human resources investments or daily productivity, exposing themselves to the risk of lack of strategies related to business development (i.e.: planning, controlling, corporate finance or marketing promotions).

TeamBiz fills this gap giving SMEs the opportunity to care about all the crucial tasks to operate in efficiency, managing all those operation aspects not related to core business while counselling on strategies to increase the potential and efficacy of all our clients.