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Drupal Job

London (UK)

We are looking for Drupal experts to join our ever growing Digital Delivery Unit to work on some of the largest, most innovative enterprise web projects in the UK and around the world. If you like the sound of scaling Drupal to handle 16 million E-commerce orders per year, delivering multi-site environments in 31 languages, integrating complex pricing and scheduling services and serving over 3 million page views per day, then this challenge will be for you.

Our developers won't just be experts in getting the most from Drupal core and contributed modules, or just be comfortable writing custom modules. They will have a passion for taking Drupal to the next level and making it the first choice in enterprise web platforms.

Drupal Job Role objectives:
    No day is ever the same, and depending on the project or client the exact details may vary but broadly speaking you'll be:

  • Delivering first class user and content management experiences for some of the largest blue chip organisations in the UK
  • Integrating Drupal with a variety of PaaS and SaaS providers, as well as internal integration tools and business processes
  • Working in a dynamic, innovative team, collaborating on solutions and experimenting with new technologies and approaches whilst maintaining high code quality through adherence to standards, team code reviews and unit testing
  • Helping shape the growth and direction of the clients Digital Delivery team and the clients's Immediate platform, both in the UK and with other client Drupal teams around the globe
  • Working with the Drupal community to contribute Drupal distributions and modules, as well as contributing to core development.

Digital Solution Services
  • The clients UK's Digital Solutions Unit (DSU) specialises in the use of leading edge technologies and agile delivery processes to develop business solutions for large private and public sector organisations. The DSU capability teams provide the breadth of skills and experience required to undertake the end-to-end delivery of these systems, services and solutions, helping them to be successful in delivering high-quality digital solutions to time and budget. The DSU capability spans all of the roles required to undertake the end-to-end delivery of IT solutions to our clients, including Project Management, Analysis, Dev Ops, Software Engineers and Testers, with technical expertise across all of the commonly used platforms.
Skills and experience
  • In-depth experience of Drupal 6 and 7 (and anything you know of Drupal 8 is an advantage)
  • Detailed knowledge of Drupal, whether it be configuring modules such as Views, Panels, Taxonomy and Feeds, taking advantage of distributions and installation profiles, creating custom entities with Entity API (or CCK) or rolling your own custom modules to take advantage of Drupal's APIs and deliver bespoke solutions
  • Strong skills on the LAMP stack, comfortable on the UNIX command line and managing MySQL databases, and an in-depth knowledge of PHP
  • Experience of delivering high scale, high performance websites with complex integration needs, and an understanding of how to root out the causes of slow performance or instability, in particular taking advantage of different approaches to caching and code optimisation
  • Use of GIT and SVN

Desirable Skills
  • Experience with automated testing, including writing unit tests in PHPUnit and SimpleTest. Experience of Test Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development would be an advantage
  • Experience in other open source technologies such as Memcached, Varnish, Apache SOLR, MongoDB, ActiveMQ or other applications is desirable but not essential
  • Experience in DevOps principles such as Continuous Integration and deployment automation, particularly in cloud environments such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace and Joyent Cloud would also be of benefit along with experience of configuration management tools such as Puppet and Chef.
  • Experience of working in Agile teams
  • No Sponsorship Provided.
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